Think Pink!

The Spring season is upon is, and it’s making me swoon for florals, soft, pretty pastels, my favorite being pink! I love the soft, girlish color – it always puts me in a good mood. My infatuation with this tone sensation may also have something to do with the little bundle of joy I delivered last year; a little princess! Pink makes me think of her.

Muslim Bikini Model Maryam Basir Enjoys Her Moment

By Zev Chafets Moving through Midtown Manhattan on a summer afternoon with Maryam Basir was an opportunity to walk a few blocks in someone else’s shoes—in this case, peep-toe oxford platforms with five-and-a-half-inch heels. As she passed down 38th Street on the way to a casting call, she carried a rolled-up yoga mat and pulled a […]

I’m wearing…versace style h&m

Because the film Mooz-lum premiered in Paris on September 7th, I had to head to France for the event, and I missed fashion week this season. I used this opportunity in the romantic country to soak up the culture: gorgeous architecture, adorable public displays of affection between young couples, and creative fashion. Romance was everywhere, even in […]