Lately I’ve been pretty blah about nail polish. I’ve seen it all, done it all. From neon color block nails to the dangerously sexy stiletto nail craze. So for the past month or so, I’ve been going completely naked. And, my nails have had adequate time to breathe easy. Once again, my senses have been awakened by a trend I’m just noticing: I’m  crazy about it matte nails. Here’s how we can rock the trend together 🙂

Zoya and OPI have some check-out-worthy color options

I’m in love with this manicure that mixes matte and shiny black polish for an awesomely dark spin on a traditional mani.

Or, you could just rock it as a solid color. Either way, sheer genius.

Sephora has a wide selection of pretty colors of matte polish.

Another option is matte top coat by Sephora, it creates a matte effect when applied to any nail color.  So you can give your favorite color a fabulous matte finish!

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