The child falls hard, scrapes her knee on the sidewalk. She bleeds. After the bloodshed, almost immediately a scab starts to form. It is her the body’s natural defense to protect itself from further harm. It’s actually a miracle how quickly her body works for her, to protect her against more damage, and to swiftly restore her to her best physical self. The girl stares at her wound, astonished. She doesn’t cry, she just takes it in, and says to herself, our bodies are amazing that way. This is her first lesson in healing a wound on her body.

But what of the heart? What happens when the heart breaks?

Is it our natural instinct to build up a metaphorical scab to protect the heart from further damage. . further heartbreak?

I am that girl full grown into woman with burdens far than heavier than the scar on my knee. I think back to the day I understood healing, and it brings me back to the blood that hardened to formed the scab. I look inside, think of my soul and spirit and how this related to the pain inside. When I think of the scab, I realize that it is a titanium shield, a rock-hard protective force that grew around my heart. When a heart breaks, it bleeds.. it is raw… open and exposed. It hurts us over and over again. It can feel like utter hell. When we start to wrap our minds around the healing process, along the way, the heart starts to create a hard shell and can feel like your actual heart has turned to stone. This is what I feel at this moment as I recover from the torment of a broken heart. 

I have faith that someday something someone I encounter will break the cement walls that surround my heart. But for now, my heart is bulletproof.


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