Hey, so it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. I missed you! I’ve been pretty busy with umm… having a baby. On April 21st, I had a little girl – Sadé Esmeralda Derouet. It was the most magical experience, and at the same time the most difficult and the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life. A few months have passed, and mommyhood continues to astonish me.

Everything that I thought I knew, every book I read, every piece of advice I received…nothing could have prepared me for this beautiful storm. When I first had Sadé, I had no idea how I would accomplish anything else. Ever again. Simply taking a shower seemed an impossible feat. Right away, I was forced to (truly) put my own needs and wants aside, for the first time. She was far more vulnerable than I, and her needs much more significant. It has been the biggest challenge of my life. As time passes, it’s getting much easier, much more fun and exciting, and I’m learning so much each day. I know for sure that I love her more than I can explain, she is the most important element in my life, and I would do anything for her. I’m looking forward to a life with Sadé and my family full of awesome adventures and spectacular surprises.

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As time passes, I’m starting to feel like a renewed version of myself, with a greater awareness, living a life with deeper meaning. I’ve been looking at my daughter’s little face, staring back at me, and contemplating my life’s purpose. I want to be my best self, for her. I have made a silent oath to myself to explore life further, to work harder, accomplish my goals and fulfill my wildest dreams, so she can live her life doing the same. I recently stayed up all night, writing and thinking, thinking and writing anything that came to mind about why I’m here on this earth. I truly feel like the closer we get to our mission in life, the more we serve God – which in my mind is the ultimate mission and goal.

This is what I came up with, after drafting and redrafting. And it may change in the future, but as of this moment, this is my Life Mission:

“To live in the present moment, at peace with myself and in harmony with God. To inspire the universe through my work: modeling, writing, creating art and acting in films portraying fierce, avant-garde action heroes. To give of myself by helping others, and to be a shining example of kindness, positivity, inner and outer beauty, and love. To never stop learning. To procreate. To impact the world in a big way. To leave the earth a more beautiful place by enriching the lives of those I encounter along the journey of life…”

I read it every morning, and throughout my day, to remind myself to remove anything from my life that does not serve my purpose.

I would love it if some of you shared your life’s purpose with me, and I will publish them in a future blog post. It will be beautiful to share with each other. Email me at info@maryaminc.com


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  1. Beautifully breath taking! Super appreciate YOU for sharing with :).

    Stay blessed!

  2. ETK

    That’s really your baby…..?

  3. Hi Maryam!!!!

    She is simply adorable!! God Bless Her.

    I remember “preparing” for baby when I was pregnant. I read just about every book and blog on how to make a smooth transition. But like you rightly said nothing can prepare you for motherhood; every experience is different and as i’ve heard every pregnancy is different. The intensity of change that occurs makes you question everything you think you know. Motherhood has prompted to me reintroduce me to myself. I cant count how many times I have asked myself the question “who am I” and as I’ve struggled with the different answer variation to that question. I have had to re-prioritize whats important in life. Who would’ve know eh? Starting a blog has been an outlet for me as I journey this relatively new chapter. We need to have a vision board session soon 🙂

    Loads of snuggles


    • Author maryam.inc

      thank you! you’re so right 🙂

      i’ll be sure to check out your blog

  4. Congratulations!! Your daughter is beautiful! Stay very blessed!

  5. Congratulations on your new blessing! I try often to tell women and men who don’t want kids about the joys they are depriving themselves of. I’ve been a mother for thirty years. I have four children, all with different personalities. My youngest is Autistic. She is ten now and full of life. When I tell you that there isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t have us smiling and laughing, I’m not exaggerating. Enjoy everyday you have with your daughter because time passes quickly and they grow more amazing everyday.

    • Author maryam.inc

      Wow, amazing. Yes, being a mother is an experience like no other

  6. So impressed with your pathways of growth and creativity, up to this point in your life – arguably the zenith in motherhood. Still you recognize how much more you can and will accomplish. Great life statement above; such a long ways from Ann Arbor. A whole new world you’ve created/opened up for your daughter. Stay focused and blessed!

    • Author maryam.inc

      Thank you for your words 🙂

  7. Wow! I am truly inspired by your words and how the life of a new born can shape it ultimately. You are right: there must be a purpose for why we are all here and to tap into that light, vision and mission is the most fulfilling thing to ever accomplish. I say to you keep that spirit alive and even if it means to impact only one person in the world, then you would have still made a difference. Your daughter is precious and looks like she knows she is really loved! Keep it going! Thumps up!

    Rachel Mbeh

    • Author maryam.inc

      yes, babies are a true blessing, they open your eyes to the real world

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